Associate Professor Dr. Sisi Zlatanova


Keynote Speaker

Affiliation : Delft University of Technology

Country: Netherlands

Title: Smart Cities embrace Ubiquitous media



The term smart cities is receiving an increasing attention in the last years. Many cities have adopted strategic plans and have implemented numerous smart solutions. The concept of smart city is broadly seen as an IT-supported instrument to respond to the needs of the users and ensure sustainable development of cities.  This talk will present different views on smart cities and will elaborate on a classification of components influencing strategies for smart city development. Different smart solutions for socio-economic activities will be presented for smart cities such as Vienna, Toronto, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Singapore and Barcelona.

The key component of smart cities is technology.  Commonly smart cities are associated with numerous of sensors. However, to achieve such smart solutions, various technologies have to be broad together, data from different sources (not only sensors) need to be fused, analysed and provided to managers and citizens. This talk will elaborate in more detail on the importance of 3D geographical information as a part of Ubiquitous media, database management systems, interfaces and visualisation for different applications. The benefits of smart solutions will be illustrated with several specific applications.

Dr. Sisi Zlatanova is an associate professor at the 3D Geoinformation group at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands and a part-time professor at the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies. Her research interest are in various aspects of 3D geo-information and their application for different disciplines, amongst which emergency response. She has been involved in a number of projects related to advancing emergency response by using 3D information. She is a vice-chair of OGC SWG IndoorGML, chair of the ISPRS IV/7 3D indoor modelling and navigation (2012-2016), member of the SC of IRDR (2013-2016), editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling (IJ3DIM), member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (IJISCRAM), member of the Editorial Board of the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information Open Access Journal (IJGI) and a member of the Board of UDMS. She has nearly 300 publications in international journals and proceedings and has edited and co-edited 21 scientific books. She has initiated the series of conferences 3DGeoinfo, Gi4DM and Indoor3D.